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The Foundation Centro Internazionale Radio Medico (C.I.R.M.) O.N.L.U.S.

born in 1935, in order to provide medical care to seafarers on board vessels without a doctor on board, of any nationality, sailing on the seas. Its medical services are free and include assistance for a possible transfer of the patient on the ship provided medical services or, if the distance permits, with the removal of the diseased vessels or aircraft for rapid hospitalization.
Requests for assistance received by the CIRM are received from physicians, in continuous service of H24 guard at the headquarters of the Centre. The health, using, if necessary, of AT consultants specialists, prescribe the appropriate care and keep in touch with the ship that has requested assistance, following the patient until recovery or landing.

Masters of vessels in navigation with sick or injured on board can contact the CIRM as well as phone also via coastal radio stations in the request indicating the Italian acronym MEDRAD or DH-DOCTOR.

Commanders are advised to always contact the CIRM before starting any
treatment, to avoid the unnecessary administration of drugs, if not, even harmful. They can consult promptly at the CIRM, as well as in cases of injury or egregious pathological facts, even for all those symptoms that apparently insignificant, may evolve into pathological complexes.

The current President of the CIRM is Prof. Francis AMENTA.
Born in Nuoro July 20, 1953, graduated in Medicine and Surgery July 27, 1977 and specialized in Neurology July 28, 1981, Prof. Amenta is Professor in service at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University and Health Products of Camerino, where she directs the research Center Clinics, Telemedicine and Telepharmacy. It 'the author of over 350 publications in international journals and is engaged in post-graduate training in the field of telemedicine and e-Health. In particular, a Master's Degree Level 2 in eHealth, now in its 7th edition, and a Master in International Oil and Gas Telemedicine and Telepharmacy, for the specialist training of health professionals who work in the fields and oil rigs.
Prof. Amenta has acquired part of their experience in telemedicine and e-health at the CIRM, where he was attending physician from 1979 to 1984. From 1995 to 2004 he held the position of head of the Section for Studies and Research Center and the 2004 Scientific Director of the Foundation.

The Board of Directors of the CIRM is composed of:

Prof. Francesco Amenta, Presidente
Prof. Francesco Guidi
Dr. Maurizio Mancini
Dr. Alessandro Franchi

Dr. Massimiliano Sperandio